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Stardew Valley: Where is CATFISH in May 2024?

If you are a Stardew Valley player, you must be aware of how tough it’s to catch a catfish; in fact, it is almost impossible for most of the players.

Fishing, in general, gets more and more difficult as you progress but catching a rare fish that is only available in certain parts is even more difficult. However, for most people, the hard part is not just fishing for a catfish; it’s also finding the right spots for it.

A large number of stardew valley players search online forums to find perfect locations for catfish. Since most of the forums are of no help, we are here to help you plan your “catching a catfish” venture.

Where can we find catfish?

Catfish can be found during spring and fall, but even in those seasons, there are certain spots and days where your chances get significantly better at catching a catfish.

If the conditions are perfect, that is, either the season is fall or spring, and it is pouring down beautifully, then you can make your extra-ordinary catch throughout the Secret Woods and in rivers.

catfish in secret woods
catfish in secret woods

Sometimes, you might get lucky and find it in the trash bins around Pelican Town. And, If by some really good stroke of luck, the odds are completely in your favor, then you might receive it in a mail by Linus.

How to catch a Catfish in Stardew Valley?

You can’t simply go out and get catfish when the time is right; instead, you must prepare for it, get the right gear, take your fishing game to the next level, and you might have a real chance at catching a good-old catfish in the river.

1. Equip Fishing Rod

Equip your fishing rod when you are close to a river.

equip fishing rod
equip fishing rod

2. Throw your Line

Click and hold left-mouse-button to bring a progress-bar UI. Progress will begin to fill, moving from red side to green; among the two, red represents the closest location to the player and green represents the farthest.

Catfish lies in the deeper water away from shore, so try to cast your line as far away from the shore as possible.

Let go of left mouse button to throw your line.

throw your line
throw your line

3. Click on Exclamation Mark (i)

As soon as a fish gets on your bait, an exclamation mark (i) appears near your bobber, click the LMB (left mouse button) on it. This will show a vertical bar with a fish icon and a green brick on your UI next to vertical progress bar.

4. Wait for Progress Meter to Fill Up

Your catch progress meter on right hand side will fill gradually. The fish is all yours to keep, as soon as your catch progress meter fills up.

wait for progress meter to fill
wait for progress meter to fill

You can also watch with video by Waifu Simulator 27 on how to catch a catfish in stardew valley

What to do with the Catfish?

Catfish can be used for a lot of purposes.

Get health and Energy

If catfish is not of good quality, it will only replenish 22 health and 50 energy, and if it’s in great shape, it can give you up to 40 health and 90 energy.

Make Makki Roll or a Good Quality Fertilizer

You can make an excellent Makki roll with catfish or formulate a good quality fertilizer. You can also get yourself a dye-able fish shirt if you get some help from the sewing machine.

Get Friendship Points

Catfish can also get you 600G and 150 friendship points if some villager makes a request on the bulletin board. Moreover, if Willy makes the request, you can get 200G per catfish, and he will let you keep the catch to sell as a bonus.

Produce more Catfish

If your pond is big enough, you can put your catch in it, and it will reproduce every four days. You can keep on selling these and make a really good amount out of them. Usually, you can sell it at the base price of 200G, but you can sell it for up to 450G with the Angler skill.

Some Tips

Before you go for the big catch, Remember:

  • Your fishing must be upgraded to a higher level, as catfish is one of the most challenging catches in the game.
  • You need to keep on practicing your fishing skills to gradually upgrade your gear.
  • Cast your line as far away from the shore as possible to have your rod land in the deeper water, where the bigger catch lies.
  • Use food to increase your fishing level temporarily. With that, you’ll up your chances of getting hold of this remarkable catch.

some more instructions..

  • Don’t keep on spamming mouse buttons when catching a fish.
  • Each fishpond is different, and it takes patience on your side to catch a fish in various fishponds.
  • Always keep a slot blank in your inventory. You can catch seaweed or algae that you can eat to restock your energy while fishing.
  • Keep the garbage with you as you can convert it into valuable items using a recycler.
  • For faster response time, hold down your mouse left-click when a line is cast.