gifts for gus in stardew valley
gifts for gus in stardew valley

5 Best Gifts for Gus in Stardew Valley – 2023

Are you in search of Best Gifts for Gus in Stardew Valley? In this guide, we have compiled a list of gifts Gus likes and hates. Let us know in the comments, if you think we missed something 🙂

Gus is a stardew valley villager. He is the owner of Stardrop Saloon. He is also a chef who lives in his saloon building. He is a good friend of Pam and Emily. His friend Emily also works part-time at Stardrop Saloon.

Name Gus
Birthday Summer 8th
Lives in Pelican Town
Address Stardrop Saloon
Friends Pam & Emily
Family n/a
Married No

Gifts Guide for Gus in Stardew Valley

What does Gus like in stardew valley?

gus stardew valley gifts
gifts gus likes

“You’re giving this… to me? I’m speechless.”

Best Gifts for Gus in Stardew Valley:

  • Orange
  • Fish Taco
  • Escargot
  • Diamond
  • Daffodil

“Oh goodness! Are you sure?”

You must choose gifts for gus carefully because, the gifts gus likes will strengthen your friendship with gus, and gifts gus doesn’t like will weaken that.

What does Gus doesn’t like in stardew valley gift guide?

gus heart events stardew valley
gifts gus does not like

“No, no, no…”

“This is absolute junk. I’m offended.”

  • Hazelnut
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Dandelion
  • Common Mushroom
  • Snow Yam
  • Morel
  • Chanterelle
  • Winter Root
  • Leek
  • Milk
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Quartz
  • Coleslaw
  • Salmonberry
  • Holly

Stardew Valley Gus Heart Events

At any level in your friendship with gus, he will mail you a gift. Your chance of him sending you a gift will increase as your friendship level with him increases.

gus stardew valley location
gus stardew valley

You can always trigger stardew valley gus heart events by collecting friendship hearts. More friendship hearts you collect, more recipes he’ll send.

Three Hearts Event

After reaching three friendship hearts with gus, he will send you a Salmon Dinner recipe with this message:

Dear (you),

Here’s a recipe from my saloon. I only share this with my good friends!


Salmon dinner dish will give you +56 health points and +125 energy points.

Four Hearts Event

If your friendship with Pam is at two friendship hearts or more, you can enter the stardrop saloon to trigger four-heart event.

When you enter the stardrop saloon, Gus, having financial problems with his business, will be sitting on a table looking upset.

gus heart events stardew valley
Gus heart events

After being asked what’s wrong with him, he’ll tell you the whole story that his stardrop saloon isn’t doing well financially because of his friend Pam. Pam doesn’t like to pay for the drinks at his saloon and he can’t confront her in the fear of losing her.

As gus finishes telling you the cause of his worry, Pam enters the saloon and as usual asks for a drink.  Gus can’t say anything to her, but you, a good friend of gus will get to say:


You need to pay your tab right now!

-50 friendship points


The Saloon isn’t doing well, financially.

+15 friendship points

Seven Hearts Event

After reaching seven friendship points with gus, he’ll send you a Cranberry Sauce recipe with the same message:

Dear (you),

Here’s a recipe from my saloon. I only share this with my good friends!


Cranberry Sauce dish will give you:

+56 Health Points

+125 Energy Points

+2 mining buff (lasting three minutes and 30 seconds)

Gus Stardew Valley Quests

  • Fall 6th  You’ll receive a letter from gus on fall 6th of your second year playing stardew valley gus, in which he asks you to bring a lobster for him.


500 Gold and 1 Heart

  • Winter 19th  You’ll again receive a letter from gus asking you to bring a coconut for him.


600 Gold and 1 Heart

  • Winter 26th  A new letter from Gus Stardew Valley. You have to give him Albacore in this quest to get:


600 Gold and 1 Heart

  • “Help Wanted” board  Outside the General store, you can find requests made by gus on “Help Wanted” board. Sending him the items listed on the “Help Wanted” board will give you thrice the money you get usually.

Additional Rewards:

150 Friendship Points

Gus Stardew valley location

You can find Gus at Stardrop Saloon. Being the owner of stardrop saloon, he should be in the stardrop saloon when it’s open unless he’s having a medical checkup at Harvey’s Clinic.

Where does Gus live in Stardew Valley?

  • You can find gus in the stardrop saloon.
  • OR, you can find Gus either in the Pierre General store, or Community Center in stardew valley.

When is Gus Birthday in Stardew Valley?

Birthday: Summer 8th

Gus celebrates his birthday every Summer 8th. You can give him any birthday gift from the items gus likes and strengthen your friendship with him 8 times.

Gus Stardew Valley Schedule

Gus should be in his saloon cooking for people during stardrop saloon open hours from 12 PM to 12 AM unless he’s having a medical checkup at Harvey’s Clinic.

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What gifts do you recommend for Gus in Stardew Valley? 🙂

gifts for gus stardew valley
Gifts for gus in stardew valley

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