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Stardew Valley: Rancher or Tiller — Best in June 2024?

Are you stuck at level 5 in Stardew Valley and unsure of which profession to choose between Rancher or Tiller?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough information to make an informed decision and worry that it might negatively impact your game?

Well, worry no more! In this guide, we’ll delve into the benefits of each profession to help you make the best choice for your playing style.

Perks of being a Tiller

tiller benefits in stardew valley


If you’ve got some obsession with the greenery in there, then Tiller should be your preference. Mostly, players opt for this profession regardless of what they’re interested in. And there’s a reason for it.

Choosing the Tiller profession will initially provide you with a 10% increase in profit on the crops you plant. That is, if you sell two garlic for 10 gold each, you will receive 22 gold with a 10% profit instead of 20 gold. That doesn’t seem like a good enough reason for the majority to pick the Tiller profession, right?

But for those who aren’t quite at level 10, that’s more than plenty. Things get interesting when you reach level 10, where you must choose between being an Artisan and an Agriculturist.


Pick the Artisan if you’re more drawn towards having a lot of animals and producing goods through them. And if you go for it, you’ll be more than glad, since it’s the most profitable profession of all. Because choosing the Artisan increases the profit on all your Artisan goods by 40%. This huge benefit is what draws the attention of farmers towards the Tiller profession.

Artisan goods are typically made using Artisan equipment. These include wine, truffle oil, cheese, mayonnaise, and more. However, some items like oil being listed as an Artisan good still don’t benefit from this profit when sold.


If you enjoy growing crops, the Agriculturist profession is for you. This benefits you with growing your crops at a 10% faster rate. This means you’ll be able to harvest and sell crops much faster.

When combined with the benefit of the Tiller profession, this one works perfectly. Because growing crops at a 10% faster rate allow you to sell them at a 10% higher profit. 

So now, we don’t think that you’d be baffled with this follow-up choice between an Artisan or Agriculturist. Because the benefits that we’ve seen clearly affirms that the Artisan profession yields much more profit than Agriculturist. 

Still, if you’re choosing Agriculturist with your interest, then its value with the added benefit of Tiller profession isn’t a poor deal.

Perks of being a Rancher

rancher benefits in stardew valley

If you opt for the Rancher profession at level 5, this means that you’d prefer to raise the animals. And the Rancher profession brings a benefit to it. It increases the price of your animal products by 20%.

We’re sure you aren’t finding this as good as the Tiller profession. But it isn’t over yet. At level 10, you’ll have to make another choice with Rancher profession between being a Coopmaster or Shepherd.

Now, the benefits these professions offer are almost similar, but the choice totally depends on the kind of animals you raise at your farm.


If you prefer Coop animals, then the Coopmaster is the way to go. Being a Coopmaster means being a friend with the coop animals like Ducks, Chickens, Rabbits, and others. Through this profession, you get more hearts when you pet your coop animals. While the incubation time is also cut in half and the eggs hatch faster than usual.


If you’re raising barn animals like Sheep, Goats, Cows, and more, then Shepherd fits your play style. Shepherd makes you friend with the barn animals and increases the production of wool by the sheep.

Both the sub-choices, Coopmaster and Shepherd bring the same benefits to the table. So just go with the one that’s suitable for the animals you’re keeping at your farm.



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Which Profession Should you Go for?

With all of the information in hand, the answer appears to be simple. Although Artisan appears to be more advantageous, Rancher isn’t worthless. So you should go for the play style you want in the future.

If the wealth of gold doesn’t excite you, and you’d rather raise and befriend animals, then the Rancher is the perfect choice for you. However, if you want to make the most of your farm by growing crops or producing Artisan goods and selling them for a good profit, then Artisan is only a tap away.

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