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Best Hardwood Locations in Stardew Valley – 2024

“What are best Hardwood locations in Stardew Valley?” is a question regularly asked by many stardew valley players. To help answer this question, we have written this detailed guide covering everything from Best Hardwood Locations to hardwood quests in stardew valley.

Hardwood is one of the most beneficial resources in Stardew Valley. As it is used in making beautiful buildings and durable Hardwood Fence

Source Tree Stumps & Large Logs

stardew valley hardwood

It is used in many recipes, buildings, gifts, bundles and is requested in quests by different characters.

Hardwood Locations in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Hardwood can be obtained by cutting down Large Stump of Trees and large old logs with Copper and Steel Axe.


Source Ax No. of Hardwoods
Tree Stumps min. Copper Axe 2/Stump
Large Logs min. Steel Axe 8/Log

Daily Respawnable Hardwood

  • In the secrets woods, 6 Large stumps respawn daily. You can get 2 x 6 = 12 hardwood from them per day.
  • 8 more large stumps respawn daily at the left side of your farm in the forest farm map. 2 x 8 = 16 more hardwood for you.
  • Break barrels and boxes in the mines to receive hardwoods as loot.

Additional Hardwood

  • Lumberjack Profession can also help you get hardwood from Normal trees.
  • At the Feast of the Winter Star, You may receive 25 hardwoods from Robin.

Additionally, you can this video below to see how to get hardwood in secret woods:

Uses of Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Use of Hardwood in Buildings

  • Stable adds the ability to ride and keep a horse. This building includes a horse as well.
    • Cost
        • 5 x Iron Bars
        • 10,000 x Gold
        • 100 x Hardwoodstable horse stardew valley


  • Farmhouse Upgrade 2 allows you to have children by expanding Kitchen and Bedroom. It also adds two new rooms, one empty room & one room with 2 single beds and a crib.
    • Cost
        • 150 x Hardwood
        • 50,000 x Goldfarmhouse upgrade 2 stardew valley


Use of Hardwood in Bundles

Construction Bundle in the Crafts Room requires ten (10) hardwood.

Quests related to Hardwood

“Robin’s Request”

On the 21st of Winter, 10 Hardwood are requested by Robin by mail


500 x Gold and 1 x Heart

Hardwood Gifts

Who Likes Hardwood as a gift in Stardew Valley?

Only Robin likes hardwood as a gift in Stardew Valley. In fact, she will request you by mail to send her 10 x hardwood.

Who doesn’t likes Hardwood as a gift in Stardew Valley?

  • Wizard
  • Vincent
  • Willy
  • Shane
  • Sandy
  • Sabastian
  • Sam
  • Penny
  • Pierre
  • Pam
  • Marnie
  • Maru
  • Lewis
  • Linus
  • Leah
  • Kent
  • Krobus
  • Jodi
  • Jas
  • Harvey
  • George
  • Haley
  • Gus
  • Emily
  • Evelyn
  • Elliot
  • Demetrius
  • Dwarf
  • Caroline
  • Clint
  • Abigail
  • Alex

Use of Hardwood in Recipes

Rain Totem

Ingredients 1 x Hardwood
1 x Truffle Oil
5 x Pine Tar
Source Foraging level 9
Details Chance of Rain Tomorrow increase when consumed.


Ingredients 1 x Hardwood
20 x Wood
Source Farmhouse Celler Upgrade
Details Products like cheese and wine age when used in the cellar.

Worm Bin

Ingredients 25 x Hardwood
50 x Fiber
1 x Gold
1 x Iron Bar
Source Fishing Level 8
Details Worm Bin baits regularly. These worms are self-sufficient.

Warp Totem: Farm

Ingredients 1 x Hardwood
20 x Fiber
1 x Honey
Source Fishing Level 8
Details Warps your farmhouse on use.

Warp Totem: Mountains

Ingredients 1 x Hardwood
25 x Stone
1 x Honey
Source Fishing Level 7
Details Warps mountains on use.

Warp Totem: Beach

Ingredients 1 x Hardwood
10 x Fiber
2 x Coral
Source Fishing Level 6
Details Warps beach directly on use.

Cork Bobber

Ingredients 5 x Hardwood
10 x Slime
10 x Wood
Source Fishing Level 7
Details “Fishing Bar” size increases.

Oil Maker

Ingredients 20 x Hardwood
1 x Gold
50 x Slime
Source Fishing Level 8
Details Exports gourmet truffle oil.

Cheese Press

Ingredients 10 x Hardwood
1 x Copper Bar
45 x Stone
45 x Wood
Source Fishing Level 6
Details Makes cheese from milk.

Hardwood Fence

Ingredients 1 x Hardwood
Source Fishing Level 6
Details Makes most durable fence.


How to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley?

As mentioned above, you get hardwood from Tree Stumps and Large Logs. You can also get plenty of hardwood from the hardwood daily re-spawn locations.

Can you buy hardwood in Stardew Valley?

No, you cannot buy hardwood in stardew valley. However, you can get sufficient hardwood from the sources given below.

How to get a Steel Axe in Stardew Valley?

Steel Axe costs 5000 Gold and requires 5 Iron bars in Stardew Valley. It is used to cut down large tree stumps for the production of hardwood.

How Stardew Valley Hardwood Fence is Made?

Stardew Valley Hardwood Fence requires you to be at least on 6 Farming level and have a minimum of 1 x Hardwood. Hardwood fence is the most durable fence in Stardew Valley.

What is Stardew Valley Hardwood ID?

Stardew Valley Hardwood ID is 709.

What is Stardew Valley Hardwood Value?

Stardew Valley Hardwood Value is 15.

Other Stardew Valley Characters:

Jodi Stardew Valley jodi stardew valley
Gus Stardew Valley gus stardew valley

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Any other method to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley?

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gifts for jodi in stardew valley

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Axe : Gained at start of game- 10 hit trees, 5 hit stumps.
Copper Axe : 5 Bars, 2,000G – 8 hit trees, 4 hit stumps. (Large stumps now choppable)
Steel Axe : 5 Bars, 5,000G – 6 hit trees, 3 hit stumps. (Large logs now choppable)
Gold Axe : 5 Bars, 10,000G- 4 hit trees, 2 hit stumps.
Iridium Axe : 5 Bars, 25,000G

Can anyone verify these please?