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77+ Atlas Earth Codes – FREE 200 Atlas Bucks | July 2024

77+ Atlas Earth codes listed below are a gateway to a treasure trove of virtual wealth. Imagine starting your journey in the metaverse with an extra 200 free Atlas Bucks in your pocket.

We have listed more than 77 Atlas earth redeem codes below. So, buckle up and prepare to dive into the world of Atlas Earth, where every second counts and every code is a step closer to your empire.


Atlas Earth Codes

  • SSTJul
  • OJulTD
  • 4FJulF
  • BJulFH
  • N4FJul
  • JulHJQ
  • TUJulA
  • A2JulB
  • JulLKU
  • QQRJul
  • JulJHL
  • 4FJulH
  • AJulB6
  • JulHEX
  • 4FJulJ
  • UJulRY
  • NEFJul
  • UJulFO
  • JulGRT
  • MDEJul
  • UJulVS
  • G4FJul
  • JulEXY
  • JulLIP
  • RJulUR
  • ABJulR
  • A4FJul
  • S4FJul
  • 4FJulM
  • UJulUK
  • HJKJul
  • UJulQV
  • ITUJul
  • S12Jul
  • JulOJK
  • JulIJK
  • JulAQV
  • Jul678
  • 8OJulR
  • JulLWK
  • LJulMN
  • TTUJul
  • MTUJul
  • QRJulI
  • JulZBN
  • 7Jul89
  • DEJulI
  • UJulKN
  • 6Jul78
  • UJulZW
  • EEFJul
  • MJulNO
  • 8OJulA
  • 4FJulD
  • 4FJulP
  • WTUJul
  • FJulKX
  • RJulSJ
  • 2JulVJ
  • Jul789
  • D8OJul
  • E12Jul
  • RJulNE
  • FJulYL
  • EFJulR
  • JulBIR
  • JKJulS
  • OJulKM
  • TUJulJ
  • EJulQY
  • WQRJul
  • JulYAT
  • JulMPK
  • JulNRM
  • RJulGG
  • 8Jul9A
  • JulUWE
  • BJulQQ

Please note that the atlas codes listed above are for limited time only. New redeem codes are added at the start of each month.


How to get free 200 Atlas Bucks

Redeem any of the code given in the above list to get free 200 Atlas bucks in Atlas Earth.

Redeeming Atlas Earth codes is a straightforward process.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Atlas Earth game.
  2. Select the SHOP icon in the bottom left
  3. Just below the standard in-app purchase items, you’ll find a field labeled “Redeem Redemption Code”
  4. Paste your Atlas Earth code in this field

And that’s it! Your code is redeemed and you should receive your 200 free Atlas Bucks.


Ways to earn Atlas Bucks

There are several ways to earn Atlas Bucks in the Atlas Earth game. I have listed a few of them that are still working at the time of writing this article.

  • Connecting a phone number: You can earn Atlas Bucks by connecting your phone number to the game.
  • Enabling text messaging: Enabling text messaging can also earn you Atlas Bucks.
  • Referral rewards: You can earn Atlas Bucks by referring new players to the game. (Use my code ETC73H when signing up 🎉 )
  • Converting virtual rent into Atlas Bucks: Players can also convert $1 of accrued virtual rent into 25 Atlas Bucks by clicking on the virtual rent total and selecting the conversion option.
  • Free shop ads: Watching free shop ads can earn you Atlas Bucks.
  • Activating a merchant mission: If you activate a merchant mission and make a purchase with a participating merchant using a connected credit card, you can earn Atlas Bucks.
  • Collecting diamonds for the diamond hunt: Collecting diamonds for the diamond hunt and spinning the prize wheel in the Hunt tab can earn you Atlas Bucks.

Please note that these methods were valid at the time of writing. Be sure to check if they are still active when you use them.

Enjoy your free 200 Atlas Bucks! 😊



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