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NPC Name Generator v1 — Unlimited Character Name Ideas

Fantasy names aren’t easy to come up with. You aren’t just giving life to a whole new world, but you’ve to keep everything just about right.

Not only the characters but their names are to be decided carefully. So that they make sense.

Therefore, to save you the hassle of thinking of some inspirational names.

We’ve designed this NPC Name Generator that takes only a few steps to generate great names.

NPC Name Generator

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Leona FlynnDaysi PayneRollo WaldorfGilly HobbsGreta Redcliff

Please comment below if you face any issues with this tool 🙂

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How to Use the NPC Name Generator

NPC Game Generator is designed to be simple and user-friendly.

You’ll need to follow only three easy steps to generate a list of NPC names to choose from.

Here’s How to Generate NPC Names online:

  1. Click on the drop-down beside the ‘Generate More!’ button, and select the gender from two choices, male or female.
  2. Then, click on the green-colored ‘Generate More!’ button to let the generator customize and list some good NPC names for you.
  3. Now that the list of NPC names has appeared. Pick the ones that you like and Click on the ‘Copy icon’ beside the name to copy it to your clipboard. If you want more options, click on the ‘Generate More!’ button again.

NPC Male Name Ideas

  1. Huebald Goddard
  2. Tobyn d’Amore
  3. Wess Yeowald
  4. Jorah Redcliff
  5. Rollo Drayton
  6. Benger Suncourt
  7. Quintus Ashtown
  8. Conrad Baxter
  9. Azemar Mund
  10. Elisander Hale
  11. Bert Belvedere
  12. Hutch Darcy
  13. Simon Claymore
  14. Osborn Rosewood
  15. Bartleby Joiner
  16. Hammond Gidget
  17. Osborn Griswell
  18. Roger Montegue
  19. Bert Bellcourt
  20. Landyn Plowtree
  21. Sigar Weatherby
  22. Thome Redstone
  23. Hobb Drayton
  24. Walter Blewitt
  25. Barnaby Dodd
  26. Milo d’Vitalis
  27. Leander Vance
  28. Godfrey La Vein
  29. Gaylord d’Rago
  30. Hobb Belvedere
  31. Zaire Belvedere
  32. Aymon Gidget
  33. Lewis Valance
  34. Dagfinn Pimble
  35. Seaward Payne
  36. Baynard Thumble
  37. Kryss Shipp
  38. Hamlin Dragomir
  39. Berko d’Vitalis
  40. Nygell Suncourt
  41. Tristan Thatch
  42. Job Reddenmere
  43. Guillame Topple
  44. Wyatt Felhammer
  45. Armin Stormport
  46. Gaylord Pimble
  47. Sigar Grancourt
  48. Hutch Yearquest
  49. Kryss Tanner
  50. Talib Westmane
  51. Maynard Joiner
  52. Andreas Bainard
  53. Wilfred Mund
  54. Hodge Truehart
  55. Inigo Tumble
  56. Saewin Windwood
  57. Talib Oakenham
  58. Pascal Waldorf
  59. Stephanus Dorry
  60. Gavin Yeoman
  61. Hamlin Redmont
  62. Guillame Shipp
  63. Lucious Yewbane
  64. Hammond Pemble
  65. Theobald Brond
  66. Reimond Fisher
  67. Thorald Bramble
  68. Gyffard Blewitt
  69. Wyatt Shamble
  70. Giff Valencourt
  71. Ungren Bainard
  72. Richard d’Eamon
  73. Drest Bardolf
  74. Noll Beaslbryne
  75. Davitt Elmcourt
  76. Inigo Darcy
  77. Reiner Murwood
  78. Gottrey d’Rago
  79. Wyatt Cloudport
  80. Balan Coatrel

NPC Female Name Ideas

  1. Aelvina Redmont
  2. Charlet Redmont
  3. Qwen Drayton
  4. Abbelina Gilder
  5. Aeowyn Claywood
  6. Bryn Oakenhart
  7. Jasmin Payne
  8. Organa Hale
  9. Gayle Belle
  10. Evelune Murwood
  11. Temperance Cobb
  12. Maerwyn Yeomont
  13. Kestera Dodd
  14. Maple Shamble
  15. Maurelle Dumont
  16. Dulcina Bainard
  17. Eleyn Spearey
  18. Nance Claybryne
  19. Winnie La Vein
  20. Sybil Bainard
  21. Lorelle Bardolf
  22. Anthea Goddard
  23. Kestera Blewitt
  24. Everill Murwood
  25. Qwen Thorntown
  26. Saelia Dodd
  27. Guilda Montegue
  28. Angaret Pemble
  29. Gemma Townsmith
  30. Daysi Payne
  31. Dandi Cloudport
  32. Tristae d’Luca
  33. Katryne La Vein
  34. Fairley Belle
  35. Maerwyn Lovewyn
  36. Gabriela Thatch
  37. Gilly Bloodgood
  38. Freya Payne
  39. Ylva Stormwood
  40. Velma Underhill
  41. Clorinda Dorry
  42. Mabelle Pemble
  43. Shaylee Dimble
  44. Brynhilde Flynn
  45. Margot Godfrey
  46. Mal Suncourt
  47. Willow Bramble
  48. Mattie Truehart
  49. Glenda Dapperly
  50. Saelia Picking
  51. Bryn Valencourt
  52. Gudrun Thatch
  53. Maple Yeowald
  54. Coventina Cobb
  55. Shea Valencourt
  56. Audri Oakenhart
  57. Aeowyn La Vale
  58. Winefred Tanner
  59. Guilda Sunport
  60. Nixie Eastmane
  61. Olive Pemberton
  62. Odette Goddard
  63. Emeny Moonport
  64. Odette Sunport
  65. Leona Blackmane
  66. Dagmar Redcliff
  67. Gal Hobbs
  68. Hayden Pimble
  69. Loveta Sunport
  70. Pleasance Dorry
  71. Ida Ashcotte
  72. Benecya Thatch
  73. Daysi Riverglen
  74. Sigrud Sunport
  75. Hextilda Dodd
  76. Vitalis Dumble
  77. Tenanye d’Luca
  78. Tristae Dumble
  79. Guilda Thatch
  80. Maple d’Vitalis


It’s stressful to sit and try to come up with some nice NPC names for your new game. What if you have to come up with so many of them? We understand the struggle, which is why we created this simple NPC Name Generator. 

You can get a list of names to copy and use by simply entering the gender. Alternatively, you can look over the list of already generated male and female name ideas above. So go ahead and give it a shot!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you create a mystical name?

  • Consider the character’s age and the location of residence. Usually, these factors affect the names the most.
  • Try to think of a unique name. The name shouldn’t sound similar to the characters named before.
  • Pay attention to the character’s qualities and what his/her role is.
  • Keep an easy-to-pronounce name.

What should I name my OC?

Your OC (Original character) has to differ from the other names. The name should clarify that it’s a special character. Also, keeping in mind the game’s concept, character’s personality, and ethnic background simplifies it even more.

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