Where is Robins lost AXE
Where is Robins lost AXE

Stardew Valley: Where is Robins lost AXE? May 2024

Robins lost AXE quest: Robin lost her axe south of Marnie’s ranch in Stardew Valley. She remembers using her axe to cut some woods south of Marnie’s ranch. You need to find her axe and return it to her in order to complete this quest.


Finding Robins Lost Axe

Where is Robins Lost Axe in Stardew Valley?

Robin’s lost axe can be found south of Leah’s house in the woods below your farm area. If you go straight down from your farm and into the woods you will find her missing axe at the far bottom-right.


To find Robins Lost Axe:

  1. Travel to Marnie’s ranch (south of your farm in Stardew valley). You have two options to reach there. You can pass through Jodi’s hometown (Pelican town) and follow the loop towards the west. Or you can there directly from your farmhouse if you can pass through the overgrowth towards the south.
    step 1
    step 1


  2. You need to keep on walking south, you will reach the water. When you reach water, you can take after the south until reach the bridge.
    step 2
    step 2


  3. Cross the bridge and move towards the east. You will soon find a forest if you keep moving east.
  4. In the forest, keep moving through trees towards the east until you find a cliff.
  5. Take south after the ledge.
    step 3
    step 3


  6. Keep moving south until you find Robin’s lost Axe.
  7. Take the Axe with you and go to Carpenter’s shop. (Carpenter shop is north of Pelican Town). Robin should be present at the Carpenter’s shop. Give the Axe to Robin to complete the quest.

Alternatively, you can find the missing axe by watching these videos

Watch This Video

Or Watch this One

How to return robins axe stardew valley?

Robin is mostly found at her Carpenter shop north of Pelican Town. Give Robin her missing axe as a present to complete the quest.

Finding and giving the Axe back to Robin should complete the quest for Robins lost Axe. Quest’s award of 250 gold can be received by opening the journal. How to open the journal? Easy, press “ J “  or alternatively click the (!) Sign below Total Gold amount if (in case) “ J “ key doesn’t work on your keyboard 😐  Did journal open? Click on the reward at the bottom of “Robin’s lost axe” quest to receive 250 Gold and 1 friendship heart <3.

Stardew Valley is an amazing game in the aspect that it requires both skill and strategy from players. Stardew Valley is (kind of) realistic as it makes us complete real-life quests quicker. The game is actually quite a fun experience. This Robin’s missing axe quest is actually a fun quest and represents the game in its entirety.

Robins Quests

  1. Robins lost ax quest: Robin will send you a letter on the 11th of spring. She will explain that she lost her ax while she was cutting some woods and can’t find it anywhere. She will offer 250 gold rewards to anyone who helps her find the axe. The player receives 250 Gold and 1 friendship heart upon completion of this quest.
  2. Robin will send you a letter on the 21st of winter. She will request you to bring 10 Hardwood pieces for her. You will receive 500 gold and 1 friendship heart upon the completion of this quest.
  3. Keep an eye on the Help Wanted board outside Pierre’s General Store. Your friend Robin randomly requests Store or Wood at the Help Wanted board. You will receive 8x item’s base value reward and 150 friendship points.

About Robin

Robin is another fellow villager of gus in stardew valley. She lives at 24 mountain road on THE MOUNTAIN. She is married and lives with her husband Demetrius and her two children. Her daughter’s name is Maru and she calls her son Sebastian.

Robins owns her own carpenter shop and is the sole carpenter in the town. She is (Except Tuesday and some part of Friday), at her carpenter shop from 9 am to 5 pm every day.

Robin sends gifts regularly through the mail. If you have a friendship level greater than zero with Robin, she may send you a gift through the mail. Be a better friend, increase your friendship level with Robin to increase the likelihood of you receiving a gift from Robin. Plus she sends free recipes like Pumpkin soup from time to time.

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