secret note 19 stardew valley
secret note 19 stardew valley

Solved: Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley [Arrows]

There are 25 Secrets Notes in Stardew Valley, and this article goes over the last one. We’ll discuss how you can find Secret Note 19, an enigmatic location description in the form of directions. I will gloss over the instructions and what they tell you and how you can solve the note to get the final reward.

Evidently, there are various collectables in the game that always keep you on the hunt. Some are blatantly hard to miss, while many are locked behind particular challenges and activities, which further increases the intrigue. One of these secret collectables are the Secret Notes found throughout the game. 

How to solve Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley?

Go to your inventory and open the note. You will be greeted with a picture of a familiar-looking house with ten directional arrows placed in a grid right beneath. The house in the note is 1 Willow Lane, where Jodi, Kent, Vincent, and Sam live. The arrows are directional clues that lead you to Mayor Lewis’ house, where you will find a Solid Gold Lewis statue hidden in his backyard.


solid gold lewis statue
solid gold lewis statue


Following the directions can seem tricky initially, but it’s relatively easy once you figure it out. The tiny green square at the door of the house indicates the starting point. From there, you need to follow each arrow in order to get to your destination. Move in the direction of the arrow until you cannot anymore and then follow the second arrow’s direction until you can’t continue further, so and so forth.

Essentially, you are moving in a direction as far as you can, and as soon as you hit an obstacle, you move on to the next arrow’s direction and follow that. The arrow depicts directions very clearly but, just in case, here they are:


Secret Note 19
Secret Note 19


Left – Up – Right – Up – Right – Down – Left – Down – Left – Down


Starting at the gate of 1 Willow Lane, move left until you hit the fence, then go up till you hit the fence again, then continue right until you hit the western side of the fence. Now, move up, and you’ll quickly hit a rock; from there, take a right and continue walking till you hit the river on the other side of the town. Next, go down, and you’ll hit the river just after two squares, turn left and march ahead until you hit the fence, then move down until the truck is in your way, now take a left, walk across the backyard until you hit the fence, then, lastly, move a couple of squares down until you can’t anymore. And that’s it; you have reached your destination.

You will end up at the back of Mayor Lewis’ house. Once you’re there, right-click on the ground, and you’ll pick up the statue. If you can’t find it instantly, don’t worry. Stay in the backyard of the house and keep right-clicking around, and you’ll eventually pick it up.

The Secret Note itself ends here, but there is more fun to be had. After picking up the statue, you can place it anywhere in Pelican Town, and if no one walks through it till morning, you will receive a droll letter from the Mayor telling you not to mess around with his private property again:


In the future, I’d appreciate it very much if you refrained from placing my PRIVATE belongings in town for all to see!

I’m very displeased!

Take this money and never speak of my ‘project’ to anyone.


But, more importantly, there is 750g enclosed with the letter that you get to keep as compensation for your mischief. This can be seen as a reward of sorts for completing the Secret Note in its entirety.


After you get the letter and the gold, you’ll see that the statue will now have been replaced with a rotten plant. If you want to further your shenanigans, then you can go back to Mayor Lewis’ house, obtain the statue once again and place it back in Pelican Town. (There is a 10% chance of the statue ending up at Marine’s as well.)

The same routine will follow, i.e., if a villager doesn’t destroy it till morning, it will be replaced with a rotten plant. However, keep in mind that you will not receive the gold nor the note again, as they’re a first-time-only novelty.

Still unable to find Solid Gold Lewis Statue? Watch this video below 🙂


Q. How Do I Acquire A Secret Note?

A. Secret Notes have no specific way of being acquired, i.e., you cannot find a specific note by completing the quest or challenge tied to it as there are none. Instead, you get Secret Notes randomly when you’re doing activities like fishing, mining, and killing monsters. There is no telling if doing a particular activity will grant you a specific Secret Note as it’s all randomized without any discernible pattern or particular order.


Q. What Is The Magnifying Glass?

A. The Magnifying Glass is a special item you can get by completing the quest “A Winter’s Mystery”. This item helps you find Secret Notes throughout the game whilst you’re engaged in different activities. Without the Magnifying Glass, you will not be able to dig up any Secret Notes.

Q. How Do I Access A Secret Note?

A. Once acquired, Secret Notes are piled up in the inventory in the top row. All you need to do is navigate over to them and right-click on the note you want to read. Once opened, the Secret Notes are automatically added to the player’s collection, and a new Secret Notes collection will now appear on the player menu.


Q. What is a Secret Note?

A. As the name implies, secret notes are collectible notes that either carry instructions for a reward or help you uncover some useful information about (the residents) of Pelican town. Some Secret Notes contain puzzling instructions that can lead you to a reward, such as cryptic location directions. While others may carry clues or details, like diary entries, about characters that can come in handy in the future, such as gifting preferences.


Stardew Valley manages to keep its intrigue up by letting players explore the game at their own pace. It never pushes you to complete missions or enforce any time restrictions, earning the game its relaxing feel. Likewise, Secret Notes, as fun and beneficial as they are, are entirely optional. 

You can still enjoy the game, and if you choose to ignore the notes, it won’t make a significant difference in your playthrough. But for the completionist among us, solving them can feel extremely gratifying. Secret Note 19 is one the most challenging ones to exist in the game, and it has thrown many players into spirals. 


The note depicts a simple location at its core, but it’s the actual instructions that need deciphering. Countless players have been perplexed by its directions and how to follow them. However, the entire note becomes an effortless solve once you understand the instructions, precisely where this guide comes in. 

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